I’m Jessi and I was born and raised in South Carolina. As a kid I had many health issues. For years I remember getting a lot of tests and seeing many doctors starting at just the age of 4. For someone who was so young, I didn’t understand what was wrong with me or why this was happening. It was scary and I remember being sad a lot. But being outside around animals always made me forget all of that. My family realized this helped me so it started becoming my therapy. If it wasn’t for our animals, I wouldn’t even be the person I am today. Animals taught me love and compassion. It’s what got me out of bed every day. So I knew I wanted to do something with animals my whole life. When I got older, life happened. I tried to become someone that just wasn’t me. I ended up getting hurt a lot and I forgot what made me happy anymore. Then randomly one day I found a post about a small pig who someone was trying to sell as food. And I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I contemplated making the drive to get him for hours. Then finally, I just jumped in my car and went and got him. My son, who was just 6 years old at the time, couldn’t stop laughing at the fact that we now have this pig in our house. And that’s when I knew right then and there. Seeing him on the floor sitting beside this pig as they both looked up at me and my son asks, “What now?” I knew this is what we were going to do. “We’re going to rescue animals.” I replied. This pig as some of you may know as Clover. Clover is still with us today. His little snorts, and my sons sweet face is what started all of this. So this is me giving back to those animals who helped me throughout my childhood. I rescue animals because animals rescued me. My son, Evans was recently diagnosed with high functioning autism so our animals helps us both still today. Just my son and I saving lives, one animal at a time.